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No. 3: Yinzer

Hi hi hi! 

This week's post is coming from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA -- the land of french fries on salad, pierogie races, and billboards supporting clean coal. While it certainly has not been my most productive week (read - 0 work done) it has been a great opportunity to clear my head, catch up with friends, and bask in the summer heat. 

What I'm Reading

 What I'm Working On

  • Like I said not too much work happening but...
  • Some solid talks with my dad about future plans. Looking at things like the AAAS Fellowship, innovation centers, and non-tenure track faculty jobs
  • Exploring the tech scene in Pittsburgh
  • Putting together the back end for our Reimagining X website
  • Drafting plans for how to introduce Berkeley UGs to entrepreneurship

Quote of the Week

  • “I SAW GOODY CLINTON WITH THE DEVIL." -- Twitter. Seriously the Republican convention is insane. and the Crucible is my all time favorite book. 

That's all. more exciting stuff will happen next week when I'm back from vacation. I promise.