Thoughts on STEM education, sustainable business, women engineers, etc. 

No. 1: Bad Feminist

Trying this out. Hope Jahren says "Tweet like nobody is following. Blog like nobody is clicking." It's the advice I've chosen to follow. So here is what's going on this week. 

What I'm Reading

What I'm Working On

  • Creating more opportunities for undergrads to engage in hands-on projects
  • Increasing the presence of women in the entrepreneurship pipeline
  • Scoring rates of technology change 
  • Finding someone to take apart light bulbs for me 

Quotes of the Week

  • "We have to do better than all this 'the world is coming to an end.' The world is not coming to an end. The world is changing." -- Roxanne Gay
  • "You can have great regard for law enforcement and still want them to be held to high standards." -- Jon Stewart 

This weekend will include a visit to the beach, a museum exhibit on the history of surfing, and significant digesting of the recent violence in US.

Week 1 done. That wasn't so hard.