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No. 4: Go Time

The classic San Francisco summer weather has set in - 50 degrees and gloomy - so I am on the couch under a pile of blankets watching the Olympics. I definitely have surprised a lot of my CA friends over the past few weeks with my level of knowledge about the Olympics, and in particular the women's gymnastics team. Seriously though, they're the best.  Very excited to watch over the next few weeks as I'm studying for my qualifying exam. 

Quals is the last big hurdle of the PhD pathway, aside from writing the dissertation itself. It's a 3-hour oral exam where I present my dissertation proposal for 30 ish minutes and then am questioned by 4 faculty members for the remainder of the time. Sigh. It's daunting. But as a major advocate for technical communication I see it's value as a necessary part of the training. 

Anywho here's what's going on this week: 

From the Pictures

  • It's incredibly gloomy here. 
  • Last week Nathan and I went to the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art to see a talk on the Craft of Surfing - an exhibit currently ongoing.
  • I debated stealing this chalkboard from the trash loading dock near my office but it wouldn't fit in the car. 
  • It's also cold (I know I'm whining) but that means sweatshirt weather and I'm rocking my new American Giant hoodie -- a birthday present from my brother Dan. 

What I'm Reading

 What I'm Working On

  • Finishing up the draft of my quals proposals. phew. 
  • Determining the future strategy plan for Annual Reviews of Environment and Resources (and learning about the new journal development process!) 
  • Thinking about the role of the university as an incubator 
  • Studying the role of female entrepreneurs in gendered enterprises 

Quote of the Week