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On Perseverance..

The news since November has been.. depressing. Every article seems to reinforce the idea that the world has gone crazy. Listening to NPR for 15 minutes often makes me want to curl up and hide under a blanket. All of this has made me deeply appreciative for the the representatives that do exist in government who reflect my views.

On a different side of the spectrum, I'm entering the end of my graduate studies and am full on dissertation work mode. There are lots of days I don't feel like thinking about the sustainability implications of technology cycles. But I've tried to keep at it little by little, recognizing that completing my dissertation will lead me to achieving higher level goals in the future. However, if Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders can roll up their sleeves and get to work facing huge odds and working alongside a lot of people I'm sure they don't like -- I can get up, go to work, and keep trying to finish. They provide a great lesson in perseverance and tenacity - two traits I hope to continue exhibiting throughout my life.

My dissertation topic didn't turn out how I had hoped because of a series of events that were out of my control. But that same sequence led to some really incredible and unexpected opportunities also. We can't control what happens in the world or in our lives, but we have to keep fighting for what we want to see come to fruition. 

Just some motivating thoughts on a Thursday afternoon!