Recent Work

What I Do:

I do research, analysis, writing, and strategic design in relation to social innovation and sustainable development. The goal of my work is to promote multi-disciplinary approaches to problem framing and problem solving among students, companies, and citizens. 



Executive Education with Dept. of Defense

  • August 2017 - Introduction to Design Thinking & Interviewing, Innovation Bootcamp with NATO ACT & MD5, Norfolk, VA
  • June 2017 - Introduction to Design Thinking, Innovation Bootcamp with the National Guard Bureau & MD5, Washington, D.C. 

@ University of California, Berkeley

@ Penn State University


with the Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley..

with the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability at UC Berkeley..

with the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Program at Penn State.. 

with Gobee Group.. 

with UC Berkeley..