Recent Work

What I Do:

I do strategic design, research, teaching around innovation, creative problem solving, teaming, and sustainable development. The goal of my work is to promote multi-disciplinary approaches to problem framing and problem solving among students, companies, and citizens. I am passionate about co-creating context-driven and intentional designs to improve complex social systems. 


Teaming by Design: A Resource for Collaborative Work

The ability to work in teams is a critical skill for the 21st century. TxD provides tools and research grounded in human-centered design, organizational behavior, and systems engineering to educate on building self awareness, and working collaboratively to achieve innovative outcomesTo date, we’ve worked with 40+ faculty and trained 1000+ students to navigate team challenges.

Developing a Usability Strategy with Creative Commons

Creative Commons wanted (1) to update the experience of CC licensing and discovery to reflect the realities of how people are sharing and (2) to anticipate and design for the future of digital content sharing. I helped the team to shape the research and design strategy as well as execute CC’s usability study. Ultimately this led to determining a key input into the product design phase.


Cultivating a Teaming Culture at Carondelet High School

Carondelet High School aimed to develop more flipped classroom learning experiences for its students. As a part of that effort, the school wanted to develop teaming curriculum that could be offered to students to improve their teaming skills and experience. We educated over 75 teachers on how to teach teaming and integrated teaming tools into courses including Math, Religion, Kinesiology, Art, and Technology.


Consulting & Facilitation

When working on large-scale systems issues, sometimes it is hard to know where to start. I help individuals and organizations ground in the problem to be solved as well as develop strategy around how to engage multidisciplinary teams in the innovation process. Some of the organizations I’ve worked with include:



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Rethinking Higher Education

  • Engaging and Retaining Women in an Engineering and Entrepreneurship Program

  • Building 21st Century Skills through Development Engineering


Towards a Circular Economy

  • Balancing technological innovation with waste burden minimization: An examination of the global lighting industry

  • Assessment of end-of-life design in solid-state lighting


Innovation & Collaboration

  • Behind the Breakthrough: Learnings from Nobel Laureates

  • The relevance of systems thinking in the quest for multifinal social enterprises